Get a Bigger, Brighter Smile You'll Love

Get a Bigger, Brighter Smile You'll Love

Dental implant restoration in Poughkeepsie, NY

Dental implant surgery is a surgical procedure that replaces tooth roots with metal posts. Once the metal posts are put in place then missing or damaged teeth are replaced with artificial teeth. Dental implants are a great alternative to dentures because the implants are more secure and less damaging.

Dental implants are different from traditional prosthetics because of the way they are constructed. For instance, dentures rest on top of the gums and replace only the crowns of teeth. In contrast, implants are embedded beneath the surface of the gums and the tooth roots are also replaced. Furthermore, the titanium post anchors the prosthetic in the jawbone, making dental implants very durable and long-lasting.

Dental implants are a great option for individuals that are:

•Missing multiple teeth
•Unable to wear dentures
•Looking for durable teeth solutions

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